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Double-click to view the next level. Swedish Standard Industrial Classification is based on EU:s recommended standard NACE Rev.2. It is primary an activity classification. Production units as companies and local units are classified after the activity which is carried out. One company or a local unit can have several activities (SNI-codes).

Below you find two pdf-files about SNI 2007 and two files about SNI 2002. The files can be read directly on your screen or be printed with the same layout. If you don't have access to Adobe Acrobat Reader you can download this program for free at:
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SNI 2007 sorted by codes (109 kB)   
Short version of SNI 2007 on a five digit level (71 kB)   

SNI 2002 sorted by codes (121 kB)   
Short version of SNI 2002 on a five digit level (61 kB)